Complete Inspection Systems: AccuProof Print Check for Advanced Proofreading

AccuProof Print Check is designed for improved proofreading for pharmaceutical, medical device, and packaging industries.

Complete Inspection Systems’ AccuProof Print Check is a versatile system for quick and accurate proofreading of digital and printed copy in a time-sensitive environment, according to the company. Print Check is designed to utilize an image comparison algorithm to quickly and accurately identify and highlight differences between Master and Sample documents.

The product is meant to:

  • identify and highlight copy differences
  • provide digital overlay, toggle, and subtraction
  • have an easy one-button load and compare process
  • quickly analyze results via digital markers
  • include scanner and camera acquisition devices
  • deliver comprehensive PDF reports

Another feature, the “Difference Map,” is designed to present deviations as black & white pixels for fast visual review. Computer generated markers indicate where differences are located on Master and Sample files.

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