Ghana Now Houses the Largest Drone Delivery Network for Vaccines

With help from the Vaccine Alliance, Ghana just launched a drone network that will serve up to 12 million people.

Drone Vaccine Delivery / Image: BBC
Drone Vaccine Delivery / Image: BBC

It seems people are finding new uses for drones across all industries, especially healthcare. Last week, we reported on the first ever drone to deliver an organ for transplant. In the same vein, a recent article from Gavi discussed the launch of the world’s largest vaccine drone delivery network. The system, which was deployed in Ghana, came thanks to Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance, The UPS Foundation, and other partners.

The drone service consists of four distribution centers each housing 30 drones that will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The network will be integrated into Ghana’s national healthcare supply chain to help prevent vaccine stockouts and aid in national immunization campaigns.

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