Dog Scared of Loud Noises? Now There’s a Drug for That.

The FDA just approved a drug that helps dogs that suffer from anxiety induced by loud noises.

Pexion helps dogs relax. / Image: Getty Images
Pexion helps dogs relax. / Image: Getty Images

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a 4th of July barbecue while your poor dog is having a mental breakdown from the noise of fireworks. Well, according to a recent NBC News article, now there’s a drug that can help your furry friend relax and enjoy America’s birthday with the rest of the guests. It’s called Pexion, and it was originally developed to treat epilepsy in humans, but never hit the market due to negative effects on metabolism.

The FDA just approved the drug for a second time to treat canine noise aversion. Studies show that Pexion, generically known as imepitoin, can help dogs remain calm during firework shows with 66% of dog owners who used it scoring the treatment as excellent or good versus 25% of dogs that received placebos.

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