U.S. Women Can Now Receive Safe Abortion Pills in the Mail

The founder of Women on Web, an organization that ships miscarriage pills to women in countries where abortion is illegal, will begin shipping to the United States.

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts / Image: Jerry Lampen
Dr. Rebecca Gomperts / Image: Jerry Lampen

A recent article from The Atlantic noted that women in the United States can now receive safe abortion pills in the mail. Women on Web, founded by Dr. Rebecca Gomberts, has been performing remote online consultations, filling prescriptions, and shipping pills that trigger miscarriages for years, but not to the U.S. Gomberts just launched a new service that does ship to the United States, called Aid Access.

If women are deemed eligible via an online screening process, Gomperts will fill the prescription herself. Each patient will receive misoprostol and mifepristone, which are about 97% effective in causing an abortion and already account for 1/3 of the abortions in the United States. Several studies have shown that the service is safe, and if users have any questions or concerns, they can Skype with Gompers or call her help desk.

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