A Drug That Regenerates Pancreatic Cells for Diabetics is on the Horizon

Researchers at the Mount Sinai Diabetes Center are working on a new form of diabetes treatment that could generate beta cells that create insulin.

Pancreas Regeneration / Image: Mount Sinai Health System
Pancreas Regeneration / Image: Mount Sinai Health System

A recent Scientific American article contained good news for the 420 million people worldwide with diabetes. Scientists at the Mont Sinai Diabetes Center are developing drugs that can regenerate pancreatic cells to produce insulin in the body. The team DNA and RNA sequenced benign tumors consisting of pancreatic beta cells to create a roadmap to making new cells of the same type.

Within 5-10 years, patients with diabetes will have the option to take a drug that essentially regrows their pancreas for natural insulin production in lieu of an artificial pancreas device.

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