New Pill Delivers Micromotors

Scientists have developed a way to encapsulate micromotors in pills so they can enter the body and perform diagnostic and treatment tasks.

These pills deliver microbots. / Image:
These pills deliver microbots. / Image:

Micromotors can carry out a number of tasks once inside the body, but getting them there is the issue. The tiny self-propelled microscopic robots are roughly the width of a human hair just about as delicate. Gastric acid and intestinal fluids that can trigger early release of their payloads can compromise their effectiveness. A recent article noted a new study in which scientists found a way to encapsulate micromotors into pills to protect them as they travel through the body.

The pills consist of sugars lactose and maltose, which are easy to mold into a tablet, able to disintegrate, and nontoxic. In trials on laboratory mice, the pills performed better than delivery via liquid solution or silica-based tablets.

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