Nasal Spray Recalled After Packaging Found to Contain Glass Particles

Apotex Corp. is recalling one lot of nasal spray due to the presence of small glass particles that could affect the functionality of the pump.

Recalled Product / Image: Apotex
Recalled Product / Image: Apotex

When inhaling nasal spray, glass probably tops the list of things you hope aren’t accidently in the bottle. According to a recent FDA news release, Apotex Corp. has voluntarily recalled one lot of Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray for just that reason. The issue came to light after a customer complaint revealed that small glass particles had been found in the spray.

The spray is used to treat symptoms of allergic rhinitis, aka hay fever, in kids aged 4 to 17. The FDA noted that no adverse effects have been reported, but there is potential for trauma to the nasal mucosa with use of the defective product, and glass particles could inhibit the functionality of the spray bottles.

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