Tennessee Cargo Thieves Steal $1M Worth of Immunoglobulin

A full truckload of Octagam worth roughly a million dollars was stolen from a truck stop in Tennessee while the driver was refueling.


It’s no secret that drugs can be quite expensive, but we seldom think of the pharmaceutical variety being a target for theft. A May 8th Securing Industry article noted the theft of $1 million worth of Octagam, a normal immunoglobulin solution for intravenous infusion, from a truck stop in Cornersville, Tennessee.

The full truckload consisted of 1,300 packages of the product. The driver stopped to fuel the rig, and realized the entire shipment, as well as the tractor and trailer were missing when he returned. The red Volvo tractor and trailer that was caught on a surveillance camera has been linked to other theft and suspicious activity in the area.

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