Issues Arise from Noncompliant Rx Forms

The DOJ has identified four printers that continue to make noncompliant forms, preventing patients from getting prescriptions filled.

California Dental Association / Image: CPD
California Dental Association / Image: CPD

According to a recent California Dental Association article, the CDA has been swarmed with complaints from dentists that their prescriptions are being rejected at pharmacies. Prescriptions are required to be written on tamper-resistant forms that are produced by security-prescription printer companies, which are licensed and approved by the California Department of Justice.

The DOJ audited these security printers and identified four companies that continue to print noncompliant forms. The only real solution is a standardized template, but until that time comes, dentists can refer to this list of state-approved printers and the laundry list of criteria required for compliant forms in the article.

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