Purdue to Stop Marketing OxyContin to Doctors

Purdue Pharmaceuticals will cut more than half its sales staff and stop marketing opioids at doctor’s offices.

OxyContin / Image: Getty Images
OxyContin / Image: Getty Images

With the opioid epidemic declared a national emergency, the FDA is searching for ways to curb abuse, develop alternatives, and deter manufacturers. One pharmaceutical manufacturer is doing its part to change the narrative around opioids, albeit amid scrutiny. A recent article from The Hill noted that Purdue Pharmaceuticals, maker of the painkiller OxyContin, will stop actively marketing its opioid products to doctors.

Opioid-related requests and questions from prescribers will now be directed to healthcare professionals in Purdue’s medical affairs department. The company announced a plan to cut its sales staff by more than half and stop sending them to doctor’s offices to discuss opioids. Several states have filed lawsuits against the company, claiming it misled doctors and patients about the risks of opioids. Purdue’s open letter about the opioid crisis can be seen here.

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