FDA OK’s Mayo Clinic’s Automated Stem Cell Producer

The FDA has granted the Mayo Clinic permission to use an automated bioreactor-based stem cell production platform at Jacksonville campus.

Stem Cell Producer / Image: Mayo Clinic
Stem Cell Producer / Image: Mayo Clinic

A recent Mayo Clinic News Network article reports that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will allow the Mayo Clinic to use automation to produce stem cells for clinical trials. The automated stem cell production platform took more than four years to develop, and the FDA oversaw the entire process.

With the green light, the Mayo Clinic’s Jacksonville campus will now be able to produce billions of stem cells in just a few days for a variety of uses including immune system modulation, reduction of inflammation, and healing bone, heart, and brain tissues. The new technology will enable the clinic to develop phase II trials with more patients to test cell-based therapies.

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