Aviragen and Vaxart Merge for 3 Oral Vaccines

Aviragen Therapeutics and Vaxart are merging and plan to develop oral vaccines for influenza, norovirus and RSV.

Vaxart logo / Image: Vaxart
Vaxart logo / Image: Vaxart

A recent FiercePharma article discussed a new merger that aims to create the first approved vaccines for norovirus and RSV, as well as a new influenza vaccine. The merger between Aviragen Therapeutic and Vaxart will likely close in early 2018, and keep Vaxart’s name and possibly the proposed ticker symbol “VXRT.”

The product furthest along in development is a promising H1N1 influenza tablet vaccine that is taken orally. In a head-to-head phase 2 challenge study, the tablet reduced the disease by 39%, compared to 27% by market leader Fluzone quadrivalent. The CDC estimates that only 59% of adults and 43.3% of children got flu shots last year; perhaps an oral alternative will perform better.

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