Move Over Stitches, Human Protein Glue is Here

MeTro is a new flexible adhesive made from a modified human protein that’s capable of healing wounds faster and better than current sealants.

MeTro Glue / Image: University of Sydney
MeTro Glue / Image: University of Sydney

A recent Big Think article had good news for anyone bleeding: you can now glue a wound shut without the use of sutures. MeTro is a new surgical glue that provides a strong and highly elastic connection between tissues. It’s activated with UV light and dries in just 60 seconds. The biodegradability of the substance can be adjusted from days to month based on how long the tissues need to heal.

The glue, which stores easily and can be squirted directly onto a wound or cavity, acts like a liquid to fill in gaps and conform to the shape of the wound. This makes it an attractive solution for emergency applications like car accidents or war zones. Animal testing results were just published in Science Translational Medicine, but clinical trials to test the long term effects of the glue are next.

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