WHO Says “Serious Lack” of New Antibiotics in Development

As resistance to existing antibiotics increases, the World Health Organization warns of antibiotic shortage on the horizon.

Antibiotic Shortage on the Horizon / Image: Mother Jones
Antibiotic Shortage on the Horizon / Image: Mother Jones

Last week, Intellectual Property Watch posted an article with alarming news regarding antibiotic development. The World Health Organization issued a 48-page report stating an “urgent need” for investment in antibiotic R&D, as most in the pipeline are adaptations of existing classes and only short-term solutions. There are 51 new antibiotics and biologicals in development, but only 8 are classed by WHO as “innovative treatments that will add value to the current antibiotic treatment arsenal.”

An update to the article said the pharmaceutical industry released a statement saying it’s currently working on the challenge and requesting a partnership. The response also mentioned recent developments including multi-drug-resistant TB and multi-drug-resistant malaria involving Johnson & Johnson and Novartis, respectively.

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