60,000 Kids Poisoned By Medicine Each Year

Although parents know to keep medications out of reach of children, only 3 out of 10 actually do.

Child 'Resistant' Packaging / Image: drugfree.org
Child "Resistant" Packaging / Image: drugfree.org

A March 16th Today article discussed the common mistakes parents make keeping harmful medications away from their children. According to a report from Safe Kids Worldwide, 60,000 children are taken to the hospital each year for ingesting medicine not intended for them. The study found that although 9 out of 10 parents know to keep medications out of reach and sight, few actually practice it. They’re incredulous that their children are tall enough, smart enough, or strong enough to get into it.

With child resistant packaging a hot topic, parents need to remember it’s just that: resistant. The article gives 3 tips to lower the risk of accidental medication poisoning:

· Keep all prescription and over-the-counter medicines out of reach and out of sight of children, preferably in a locked container or cabinet

· Remind guests to put purses and bags that might contain medication up high, not on couches or the floor

· Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to take medication multiple times a day, rather than leaving it on the counter for convenience

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