Top 10 Patent Cliffs of 2017

Patent expiration is clearing a path for generics to take over; here’s a look at the top 10 patents expiring this year.

Patent File / Image: FiercePharma
Patent File / Image: FiercePharma

A February 21st FiercePharma article examined upcoming patent cliffs that will level the playing field for generics rivals. Because the exact date a drug loses market exclusivity is never guaranteed due to add-on patents and legal settlements, the list is comprised of drugs that will lose patent protection in 2017 and drugs that will become vulnerable to generics and biosimilars. See the source article for more info, here’s the list along with 2016 sales:

1. Teva’s Copaxone - $3.48 billion

2. Eli Lilly’s Cialis - $1.42 billion

3. Pfizer’s Viagra - $1.15 billion

4. Takeda’s Velcade - $1.13 billion

5. Bristol-Myers’ Sustiva - $901 million

6. Novartis’ Sandostatin - $853 million

7. Novo Nordisk’s Norditropin SimpleXx - $642.5 million

8. Gilead’s Viread - NA

9. Pfizer’s Pristiq - NA

10. Eli Lilly’s Strattera - $535 million

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