Return of EpiPen Rival

EpiPen alternative, Auvi-Q, announced a 2017 return to market, but will it drive prices down?

Auvi-Q / Photo: New York Times
Auvi-Q / Photo: New York Times

A New York Times article dated October 26th announced the return of Auvi-Q, Kaléo Pharma’s answer to the EpiPen. This is good news for families and lawmakers who criticize the unprecedented rise in EpiPen’s price and lack of competition in the market. The price of Auvi-Q has yet to be determined. Although Auvi-Q was more expensive than EpiPen last time it was on the market, the company’s CEO ensures they’re working hard to make the product affordable.

Auvi-Q was invented by twin brothers with allergies looking for a simpler alternative to the EpiPen. It features a thinner pocket-friendly design and voice instructions that guide users through the injection process. The product, which had been licensed to Sanofi, was pulled from shelves in 2015 following reports that it wasn't delivering the proper dose of epinephrine. Since then, Kaléo has reclaimed licensing and added a fully-automated production line with multiple quality checks.

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