Borosil Increases Glass Packaging Capability

Borosil acquires majority stake in Klasspack to expand production capabilities into primary pharma glass packaging.

Pharma Glass / Photo:
Pharma Glass / Photo:

The Times of India published an article on August 1st reporting that Borosil Glass Works purchased a 60.3% stake in Klasspack to enter the primary pharmaceutical glass packaging industry. Borosil, a market leader in laboratory glassware in India’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, hopes to combine technologies with Klasspack to provide high-end primary glass packaging to pharma majors.

“Our investment will help Klasspack to ramp up facilities and production to give our current pharmaceutical customers a high quality choice for sourcing their pharmaceutical packaging needs. Borosil already enjoys a high brand equity and quality reputation in the pharmaceutical industry and we are confident that our existing customers will substantially benefit from this transaction,” said Borosil’s Shreevar Kheruka, MD,.

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