ASTM Eyes Cannabis Standards

Chairman Ralph Paroli believes ASTM has the ability to adapt quickly to create quality standards for evolving industries.

Medicinal Cannabis / Photo:
Medicinal Cannabis / Photo:

A July 26th news release from ASTM International reported on Chairman Ralph Paroli, Ph.D.’s keynote presentation regarding developing consensus standards for cannabis. He believes the lack of industry standards and test methods for medicinal marijuana is a concern for regulators, consumers, and businesses as legalization rapidly expands.

“Companies are getting different results from test labs, law enforcement organizations are having difficulty measuring THC in the bloodstream, consumers don’t see consistent labelingnorchild-proof container practices, and more,” Paroli saidat the NCSL International Workshop & Symposium in St. Paul, Minn.“Normative and calibration standards couldplay asignificantrole inaddressingtheseand other issues.”

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