Green Cross Invests in Packaging and R&D

The 50-year old Korean company increases their spend on packaging and R&D as it looks to the future.

A recent Korea Business article highlighted Green Cross Co., a South Korea pharmaceutical company that is allocating more funds to packaging and R&D. The company is specifically investing in innovative packaging for its products including multi-dose and single vials as well as prefilled syringe cartridges to better cater to patient needs.

Green Cross is focused on developing vaccines, proteins, and antibodies to treat infectious diseases, cancer, and rare incurable diseases. The company has two antibodies in Phase I clinical trials to neutralize the hepatitis B virus and target colorectal cancer.

Green Cross historically spends roughly 10% of their annual revenue on R&D and plans to increase that spend 30% from last year.

According to, the company was founded in 1967, entering the U.S. market in 2009 with the establishment of Green Cross America Plasma to secure plasma supply. GCAM now operates 11 FDA-licensed plasma centers across the U.S. and collects 100,000 liters of plasma a year.

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