Safety Considerations for Prefillable, Single-Dose Pharmaceutical Packaging

Product packaging should protect contents while also allowing customers to easily access them.

E-PAK Machinery Capping Machine for Pharmaceuticals
E-PAK Machinery Capping Machine for Pharmaceuticals

Prefillable, single-dose pharmaceutical products should balance product protection with accessibility. There are ways to make sure that products are sufficiently protected from potential contaminants and deliberate tampering while also allowing customers to easily use them.

Manufacturing plants can take steps to keep packaging in line with current safety requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Use damage-resistant opening methods

Many prefilled and single-dose pharmaceutical products can benefit from plastic packaging that gives customers a clear view of the product while keeping it safe from tampering.

These products often use clamshell packaging for on-shelf applications, which can incorporate plenty of branding while putting the product on display in a high-quality presentation. With visible "tear-here" lines and other customer-friendly opening methods, customers can access these products with ease while leaving them visibly marked in the event of tampering.

Integrate noninvasive permeation testing

Prior to putting products up for sale, their packaging should undergo testing to ensure the packages can withstand damage and won't tear easily, leaving products exposed to contaminants and leakage. Permeation testing equipment and staff can test product packages to determine whether or not they meet pharmaceutical packaging standards.

Utilize childproof packaging

Many consumable pharmaceutical products can be dangerous if users exceed the maximum suggested dosage. Children are particularly vulnerable to harm if excess product is accidentally ingested. To prevent potential harm to children, childproof opening methods are ideal, keeping the product accessible to adults based on simple instructions for opening.

Clamshell packaging is often difficult for children to open, and product capsules themselves can use twist- or break-off caps that also make it challenging for children to remove. This type of packaging can keep children safe at all times in the presence of these products.

With these safety measures in mind and in practice, you'll be able to provide customers with high-quality packaging that keeps them safe from potential tampering, contamination, and the dangers of child accessibility.

Author Krys Beal oversees the inside sales and marketing department at E-PAK Machinery, Inc., a manufacturer of in-line liquid packaging machinery.