Gottlieb Warns All CBD in Food is Illegal

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned consumers that adding cannabidiol droplets to food and beverage is not yet legal.

CBD Food and Beverage / Image: born2invest
CBD Food and Beverage / Image: born2invest

You’ve probably noticed more and more cannabidiol (CBD) products popping up on restaurant and bar menus. CBD-infused cocktails, pastries, etc. promise healing effects, but does adding the non-psychoactive cannabis extract add anything to food and beverages other than cost? A recent CNBC article reminded consumers that products with added CBD are not actually legal yet, via a “Squawk Box” interview with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

“You can’t just put it in the food supply,” said Gottlieb. “Right now, all the CBD is illegal that’s being put in to food or dietary supplements.” Last year, the FDA was working on legalizing the sale of CBD oil in food and drink, but it would require the agency to outline standardized manufacturing conditions. That’s not to say the trending extract won’t soon be legal, but regulation must come first.

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