Careful, Your Dietary Supplements Might Contain Steroids

Hardcore Formulations is recalling all lots of Ultra-Sten and D-Zine capsules due to the presence of anabolic steroids.

Dietary supplements contain anabolic steroids. / Image: King Features
Dietary supplements contain anabolic steroids. / Image: King Features

Athletes beware! A recent FDA press announcement says that capsules marketed by Hardcore Formulations as dietary supplements for bodybuilding contain anabolic steroids. The two products, Ultra-Sten and D-Zine, are labeled to contain methylstenbolone and dymethazine respectively, which are considered to be derivatives of anabolic steroids. This has lead to a voluntary recall of all lots and expiration dates of the supplements, which are packaged in 90-count bottles.

The presence of steroids renders the products unapproved drugs. According to the article, consumption could cause a myriad of interesting effects including: elevated blood pressure, aggressive behavior, male infertility, female baldness, shrinkage of testes, and a deeper voice. Hardcore Formulations has notified its retailers of the recall via formal notification letter. Consumers in possession of the products should cease use and either return them to the source, or discard them.

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