New Molecule Could Stop Spread of Melanoma

Researchers at Michigan State have developed a molecule that stops the spread of the deadliest skin cancer with 90% effectiveness.

Melanoma / Image: Terese Winslow
Melanoma / Image: Terese Winslow

A Yahoo! article dated January 4th discussed a man-made molecule that could lead to the end of skin cancer deaths. According to the World Health Organization, the main causes of melanoma are exposure to the sun and a history of sunburn. Last year, researchers at Tel Aviv University found that melanoma tumors send out vesicles that cause changes in the dermis, allowing the cancer to spread to vital organs.

"The majority of people die from melanoma because of the disease spreading. Our compound can block cancer migration and potentially increase patient survival," said Richard Neubig, Professor at the Michigan State University.This development gives hope to combatting this form of skin cancer that claims 10,000 lives each year.

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