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The Chewable Gummy Drives Growth in Nutraceuticals Market; Powdered Mixes in Pouches and Stick Packs Offer Innovative Delivery

According to a new study from PMMI Business Intelligence, consumers around the world are suffering from pill fatigue and are seeking non-pharmaceutical functional foods and beverages that supply all of their nutritional health needs.

The Chewable Gummy Drives Growth in Nutraceuticals Market
The Chewable Gummy Drives Growth in Nutraceuticals Market

Pill fatigue is a major trend influencing the nutraceuticals market, says “2019 Nutraceuticals Market Assessment.” The introduction of vitamin gummies changed the market, and companies are interested in seeing the next major nutraceutical delivery system.

Consumers are demanding chewables, ready- to-mix powders, and liquids. Other new forms being tested include lotions, sprays, gums, drops, and lozenges.

GEM, a Los Angeles-based online subscription service, is delivering functional food bites with 15 key nutrients to consumers’ doorsteps.

A company named Mommi is reinventing prenatal vitamins with a prenatal protein shake.

“Gummy formats are very popular, and tablets and capsules are not enjoyable. You have to really want to be healthy, and gummies just make it easier to do this. This is a bridge to help them get into this industry more,” says a Project Engineer for a supplements and functional drinks company.

“People like to eat, and eating is preferred over taking pills. People will gravitate to what tastes good. Gummies account for one-third of the growth of the nutraceuticals category. Another third of the growth comes from probiotics,” says a Maintenance Engineer for a supplements company.

The report looks at packaging as consumers seek brands that deliver on a healthy lifestyle.

  • Convenience: Single-serving dosage packs, pill packs with a variety of pills in a single package, stick packs with powder or gel that can be mixed with water, and beverage shots are portable packaging types that have continued to grow in popularity since 2012.
  • Pouches: Many respondents in 2012 and today brought up the challenge of sourcing high-quality pouches at good prices in the United States. Currently, Asian markets use pouches extensively and are taking advantage of the format’s economies of scale when selling to U.S. manufacturers.
  • Full Body Shrink Sleeves are very popular with respondents. This type of label offers distinct value to nutraceutical manufacturers such as a clean, sharp look, and maximum space to educate consumers about the product. However, this labeling method may be less popular as the industry moves towards pouches and away from rigid packaging that can use shrink sleeves.

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