New antacid packaging delivers retail shelf presence

The Tummy Company works with packaging vendors to deliver a shaped, portable bottle with special closure to provide ReliefOTC.

A portable package that includes a shapely bottle, easy-to-open liner, and tamper-evident closure gives the Tummy Company a unique retail shelf presence for its new Relief OTC™, an FDA-compliant, over-the-counter antacid aimed to help the estimated 25 million people in the U.S. suffering from heartburn and indigestion daily. Taken only when needed, Relief OTC gives consumers a clear, great-tasting liquid that provides instant pain relief.

With recalls of several popular antacids in this $7.6 billion industry, many consumers are switching to different brands. Research shows that heartburn sufferers are looking for a fast-acting antacid, with few or no side effects that’s easy-to-use.

The Tummy Company kept this in mind when working with Mold-Rite Plastics and TricorBraun to design their unique, innovative packaging for Relief OTC.

Specifically, the Tummy Company and TricorBraun developed a custom package that would work with a Lift N’ Peel® liner and be tamper-evident. After evaluating closure options and realizing the added benefits of production line efficiencies and compliance with the Lift N’ Peel liner, TricorBraun designers selected Mold-Rite Plastics’ 33-mm ribbed side, smooth-top, continuous-thread closure to complete the package. This combination gives the bottle an updated look while providing a tamper-evident feature. For additional safety, an external tamper-evident sleeve covers the closure and offers an option to add promotional messaging to the top of the package. These features combine to make Relief OTC stand out on the shelf.

Jim Marini, President & CEO of Tummy Company, says, “TricorBraun and Mold-Rite Plastics’ customer service is superior to the competition. They worked with us from the beginning, even before the company was prepared to introduce Relief OTC to market. They were true partners throughout the product development process. Since we have gone into production, TricorBraun and Mold-Rite Plastics have provided outstanding service and flexibility, making it easier for our company to focus on further expansion in the industry.”

“Knowing that tamper evidence and added safety were essential, combined with the need to offer promotional opportunities as the new package was introduced to the market helped us to recommend the right closure and liner options for Relief OTC™," says Christina Campbell, Sales Director at Mold-Rite Plastics.

“Watching Relief OTC grow from concept to store shelf has been a rewarding process,” says Mike McQuilliams, Packaging Consultant at TricorBraun. “Thinking about packaging early in the product’s development helps us to not only fully understand the package’s requirements but also deliver shelf impact, which is particularly important when entering the market.”

The Tummy Company’s goal was to provide unique packaging that represents Relief OTC’s innovative ideas. MRP’s CT closure gives consumers a simple way to consume the product with its easy-to-open ribbed closure, which worked well with a Lift N’ Peel liner. Relief is as simple as open, drink and done. The Tummy Company’s website allows consumers to try the product for free.

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