Barrier solution for nutrition supplement

A convenience-size multilayer polypropylene bottle for Nutricion Clinica, an oral clinical nutrition range from Spain’s Vegenat, is now reaching store shelves.

Barrier bottle features good looks, product protection, and functionality.
Barrier bottle features good looks, product protection, and functionality.

Supplied by RPC Containers Corby, the new 200-mL custom bottle offers a more modern-looking design, ergonomic, effective product protection and preservation, and excellent functionality not only during filling but also in the hands of the end consumer.

Vegenat specialises in dietetic food and clinical nutrition. Its NutriciĂłn Clinica range is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients for people with different pathologies and special nutritional requirements. Vegenat products are sponsored by the Spanish National Health Services and sold exclusively in hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies.

The bottle has been developed for over-the-counter sales in pharmacies as well as in hospitals. The bottle is blow moulded using a six-layer construction, comprising PP for durability and EVOH for barrier protection against oxygen ingress and to avoid degradation of the formulation’s critical ingredients.

Its eye-catching ribbed design combines attractiveness on-shelf and easy handling for the end consumer with strength and rigidity during the aseptic filling and retort process. The bottle has also been designed to take a shrink sleeve for an all-over decoration that maximises brand identity and awareness. Further, the lightweight bottle is easy to transport and ensures no risk of breakages during filling or in use.

RPC Corby has a long-standing relationship with Vegenat as a supplier of barrier packaging solutions. “RPC bottles have over the years delivered effective product protection, safety, and end-user convenience,” comments Mariana Fuentes of Vegenat. “This latest pack also demonstrates the company’s design capabilities in creating a more modern looking bottle while retaining all the necessary functionality.”