This New Wearable Treats Insomnia

The Dreem 2 headband measures sleep activity and delivers sound vibrations to sooth patients to sleep.

Dreem 2 Headband / Image: Dreem
Dreem 2 Headband / Image: Dreem

According to a recent Medical Device Network article, there is now a wearable device to treat the quarter of the population that suffers from insomnia. The device is called the Dreem 2, and it’s an FDA-registered medical device in the form of a headband tricked out with five electroencephalogram sensors, a pulse oximeter, and an accelerometer, which are fancy names for tools that measure sleep activity. The device uses this data to deliver specific sound vibrations via bone conduction that sooths the patient to sleep.

The article includes an in-depth interview with the device’s creator and Dreem’s CEO, Hugo Mercier. He discusses how the device works and its clinical trials, as well as the causes of insomnia in the modern world.

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