Canada Approves First Marijuana Medical Device

Health Canada has approved Resolve Digital’s smart vaporizer for a Medical Device License for cannabis use.

Resolve MD Smart Inhaler / Image: Resolve Digital
Resolve MD Smart Inhaler / Image: Resolve Digital

A recent article from New Cannabis Ventures highlighted a new milestone in the Canadian medicinal marijuana story. Health Canada just issued the first cannabis-related medical device license (MDL) under the country’s new regulatory system. The device in question is a smart vaporizer from Resolve Digital, a Canada-based developer of intelligent cannabis solutions.

The Resolve MD Smart Inhaler offers standardized dosing via pre-packaged, single-use pods filled with high quality cannabis from licensed producers. The pod labels contain genetic, origin, and testing data as well as an expiration date. They are pre-measured and hygienically packaged. MDL ensures the safety, effectiveness, and quality of the product and enables Resolve to distribute the it as a medical device.

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