4 Things Hospitals Consider When Buying Medical Devices

Adopting new medical devices into a facility is a big decision; here’s what hospitals look for during the process.

Lab Coat / Image: Machine Design
Lab Coat / Image: Machine Design

A recent MachineDesign article discussed the criteria hospital administrators consider when bringing in new medical devices. It can be broken down into four categories:

Ease of Use: new devices need to be intuitive to avoid a steep learning curve and potential for user error.


Protection Against Cyber Attacks: if a medical device has characteristics that make it vulnerable to cyber attacks, it will deter hospitals from purchasing.

Ability to Solve Known Problems or Improve Patient Care: sales pitches need to focus on solving problems rather than flashy new features.

Suitability for the Hospital’s Budget: hospitals are more willing to pay a premium for devices that improve efficacy, efficiency, or usability.

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