Robots That Drill Through Eyes Are All the Rage

Scientists have developed a nanometer-sized robot capable of drilling through eyeballs without causing damage.

Human Eye / Image: Tech Radar
Human Eye / Image: Tech Radar

A recent XinhuaNet article discussed a development from German, Chinese, and Danish scientists that yielded a tiny robot that could revolutionize drug delivery. The propeller-shaped robot is 200x smaller than the diameter of a human hair and can drill through a human eye without causing damage. This is thanks to a slippery coating the team gathered from the peristome of a carnivorous plant.

The team tested the device on a dissected pig’s eye. They injected tens of thousands of the robots into the eye and used a surrounding magnetic field to rotate the nano-propellers, making them swim toward the eye. The team hopes the tiny robots will be ideal for minimally invasive treatments for areas surrounded by dense tissue.

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