‘Artificial Ovary’ Makes Fertility Possible After Chemo Treatments

A new development could give women a second chance at conceiving after damaging chemotherapy treatments.

Post-Chemo Fertility / Image: Getty
Post-Chemo Fertility / Image: Getty

A recent article from The Guardian had good news for cancer survivors looking to start a family. A team of doctors in Copenhagen has used human tissue and eggs to developed an “artificial ovary” that could restore fertility after damaging treatments like chemo- and radiotherapy. The lab-made ovaries can keep human eggs alive for several weeks, during which conception could happen.

The current option for starting a family post-treatment consists of removing ovarian tissue prior to the fertility-harming treatments. After the cancer is eradicated, the tissue is then re-inserted in the woman, allowing for a natural pregnancy. However, this method comes with the risk of reintroducing cancer to the body via that tissue. If the artificial ovary method comes to fruition, cancer survivors will have a lower-risk option, and won’t have to endure IVF.

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