#1: Teen Invents Cancer-Detecting Bra

Quick Hits Greatest Hits: Counting down the best stories from the last 100 weeks. May 18, 2017: An 18-year-old has created a bra containing biosensors capable of spotting early signs of breast cancer.

Rios and his cancer-detecting bra. / Image: Higia
Rios and his cancer-detecting bra. / Image: Higia

A Telegraph article tells of new device aimed at combatting breast cancer through early detection. After his mother endured a double mastectomy, 18-year-old Julian Rios Cantu invented a bra capable of detecting signs of breast cancer. Rios’ Mexico-based company, Higia Technologies, won the $20,000 top prize in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

The “auto exploration bra,” which only has to be worn for an hour a week, contains 200 sensors that map the surface of the breast including texture, color, and temperature. The data is then transferred to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth where it’s processed by a neural network. The heat sensors detect increased blood flow, which could suggest the blood is feeding cancer cells.

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