New Point-of-Care Breast Health Test

iBreastExam is a new low-cost, noninvasive test designed to reduce incidence of breast cancer in developing countries.

iBreastExam / Photo: medGadget
iBreastExam / Photo: medGadget

A recent medGadget article highlighted a new point-of-care test focused on breast health. UE Lifesciences developed iBreastExam to serve the 90% of the developing world that doesn’t have access to early detection of breast cancer. The low-cost test is painless, radiation free, and takes just 5 minutes.

iBreastExam monitors differences in tissue elasticity between malignant and benign breast tissue, and features a tactile sensor that measures shear stiffness and tissue compression when applied to the skin. A clinical trial in India showed that the test maintained higher specificity and outperformed expert clinicians who conduct traditional breast exams. The device detected all malignant lesions while the clinician failed to identify a non-palpable lesion.

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