New Scaffold Could Make Implant Infections a Thing of the Past

Researchers in Ireland have developed an implant scaffold that provides localized drug treatment to prevents infection.

E. coli bacteria under a microscope. / Image: ArtsOnEarth
E. coli bacteria under a microscope. / Image: ArtsOnEarth

A recent article from Hybriders Technology & Science had good news for folks needing implanted medical devices. A team of scientists at the National University of Ireland Galway is using stabilized collagen scaffolds with antibiotics to prevent E. coli and Staphylococcus epidermidis from forming at the site of an implant. The collagen scaffold was developed and stabilized with a 0.635% concentration of hexamethylene diisocyanate before being tested with variable concentrations of antibiotics Cefaclor and Ranalexin.

Both antibiotics showed similar loading efficiency, release profile, and cytocompatability, but only the scaffolds with Cefaclor displayed significant antibacterial properties against E-coli and Staph. The advancement could prevent extended hospitalization periods and the need for additional surgeries to remove infected implants.

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