Controversial Google-backed genetics company is back with FDA-approved tests

The agency pulled a number of their test reports two years ago after concerns about accuracy and customer interpretations.

Take two.

The Google-backed genetics company, 23andMe is back, and this time, it's with FDA-approved tests, The Associated Press reported.

They recently relaunched 35 tests that can tell users if they carry genetic mutations for a number of rare diseases after working with the FDA, who halted the health reports generated from their saliva tests, because of concerns with accuracy and customer interpretations.

“Today we’ve successfully established a framework for working with the FDA to bring back reports directly to the consumer,” said CEO Anne Wojcicki. “And we’ll continue to work to try and bring all of this information back.”

Although it may seem like a victory, the company has a long way to go. They still cannot offer their original product, which included information like whether or not they were likely to develop diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The test kit requires users to fill a plastic tube with spit, and then return it to the company for processing.

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