Werum IT Solutions: Biometric Authentication; Detailed Scheduling; Mobile Execution

PAS-X features facilitate more secure and efficient production processes on the shop floor in pharma and biotech factories.

Werum IT Solutions: Biometric Authentication; Detailed Scheduling; Mobile Execution
Werum IT Solutions: Biometric Authentication; Detailed Scheduling; Mobile Execution

Werum IT Solutions adds new features to its PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the pharma and biotech industries which provides advanced user options and better performance. This includes biometric alternatives to the usual authentication process, an integrated system for detailed scheduling and optimized operation on mobile terminals.

Biometric authentication

The current authentication process requires entering a username and password, pincode or ID – and is thus time-consuming. With K.Me-In (“ki mi ɪn”) Werum now offers an innovative biometric authentication product to simplify log-in and signing processes.

In the future, various user-specific biometric parameters such as fingerprint, iris, face recognition or a combination of those will be used. Additionally, PAS-X logs off the user automatically when he or she leaves the application–an important aspect to ensure data integrity. Werum’s new biometric authentication product allows users on the shop floor to authenticate more quickly so they can concentrate on their main tasks.

Integration of detailed scheduling

Moreover, Werum has further enhanced the functionality of its PAS-X MES by integrating a detailed scheduling system based on sedApta’s Factory Scheduler. Through PAS-X, this scheduling technology can directly access all necessary data, such as master data, MBRs or order data for the shop floor. PAS-X provides the data in real time and with high quality eliminating the need for an interface between the scheduling system and the ERP.

Easier mobile operation

PAS-X is increasingly being used on mobile terminals on the shop floor. For this reason, Werum has further optimized the use of its MES software on hand-held scanners and tablets. For instance, this allows tablet users to benefit from an improved touch operation. PAS-X now has a new browser-based user interface specifically designed for the operation on hand-held terminals which supports current hardware and software platforms. In industrial environments, the improved usability allows for increased performance, stable operation and safety.

The company reports a commitment to continually enhancing PAS-X, addressing new production processes, regulations and customer requirements while paving the way for the pharmaceutical industry to create the digital factory of the future.