Horizontal case packer

Schneider Packaging Equipment's Tissue Tough Horizontal Case Packer, TTHCP, permits versatile case packing of single or multiple rolled and folded products.

Hp 20320 Schneider Tthcp
Designed to maximize operating efficiency while increasing flexibility. TTHCP is ergonomically designed for easy access, fast changeovers, and quick startups, offering a low-cost option for efficient side or end-load RSC or HSC cases.

The integrated design incorporates case erecting, collation, loading, flap closing sealing, as well as optional KDF loading and dunnage removal, auto-adjust, and other features. Can be optimized to accommodate most production floorspace requirements.

Features continuous operation during KDF loading and can be configured with options such as auto-adjust that improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for optimal return on investment and profitability.

Available in multiple layouts and configurations, each system can be fully integrated with palletizing, stretch wrapping, labeling, product and pallet transport conveyor, pallet dispensing, and slipsheet dispensing.