Preflighting your supply chain pilot

Once you start shipping live product as part of a pilot test, it is not easy to revert back into test mode.

1. Exchange and pre-test samples of serialization encoding and carriers, such as sample 2D DataMatrix barcodes, before starting the pilot to flush out barcode reader and format compatibility issues.

2. Agree on how EPCIS events and vocabulary will be exchanged. Test the communication link (e.g., AS2 or web services) and message exchange up front to make sure the security, the connectivity, and the processing work correctly.

3. Exchange and process EPCIS events in test systems before starting the supply chain pilot to flush out issues quickly. This can save a lot of time in the supply chain pilot process, especially for EPCIS interoperability issues such as supply chain master data-exchange requirements, consistent use of EPCIS event and extension data for supply chain use cases, consistent use of company and location identifiers in EPCIS events, and precedence relationships of EPCIS events (for common interoperability issues).

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