Measurement Sensors

WORK Microwave will be featuring its WORKsens sensors at PACK EXPO International 2022.

Work Microwave Sensor

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At PACK EXPO International 2022, WORK Microwave will highlight the accuracy of its CR Series in measuring moisture on the surface and in the volume of the product being tested as it nears the front of the sensor, rendering it superior to other techniques, such as surface limited optical NIR measurement.

WORKsens CR in-line bulk moisture measurement sensors and CR-10HP sensors for moisture, gas, and solid content in high-pressure fluids will be presented. Both sensors are capable of measuring the moisture content of powders, granules, fluids, and other nonconductive materials.

  • The WORKsens CR Series sensors instantly measure the moisture in bulk solids and chemicals, allowing direct production process feedback while requiring direct contact with the material being tested. Direct contact enables measurement accuracy in a variety of nonconductive materials.
  • The WORKsens CR-10HP high-pressure moisture measurement sensor is optimized for measuring the water content in rough chemical synthesis processes in high-pressure environments up to 1,000 bars. The CR-10HP moisture sensor offers high accuracy, speed, and repeatability, while being insensitive to most non-conductive additives. This accuracy is made possible by the exact characterization of a resonator and the load change on it induced by the material’s water content.

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