Shot Live at Interphex: Small Footprint Capsule-Fuller for Clinical Trials and Labs

The LABBY is a modular, compact capsule filler that is fully automatic and can operate in either continuous or intermittent mode, depending on the type of dosing unit installed.

Its small footprint makes it the perfect choice for R&D laboratories, clinical trials, small batch outputs and special productions.

The LABBY can fill up to 3,500 capsules per hour and is designed to handle all kinds of powder, including API without excipients or bulking agents. It is ideal for dosing weights from 0.5 mg. to 20 mg. without compaction and with 100% net dosage weight-checking.

The LABBY can be used to dose: powder (dosators); low dosages of powder to be inhaled without compaction (dosators); micro dosages of powder without compaction (vibration); powder (tamping pin); pellets; tablets; universal tablet feeder; micro-tablets (counting); capsule into capsule and liquids. The unit is complete with a 100% micro-weighing control system of the net product weight and control system accuracy of ± 0.1 mg of the net weight, depending on the target weight and product characteristics.
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