MG America: Capsule Checkweigher

The new KWS features capsule transport that is vertically oriented resulting in eliminated "pinch" points for capsules, and toolless changeover that takes place in under five minutes.

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The KWS9002 was introduced this year, designed to offer improvements in performance, accuracy, and ease of use. From previous generations of the machine, the KWS maintains its 0.5% accuracy @ 3 sigma, individual load cells that allows for removal/replacement of single weigh position, internal weights for daily calibration precluding the need for manual placement of weights, and toolless changeover in under five minutes.

The new Anritsu checkweigher features capsule transport that is vertically oriented resulting in eliminated "pinch" points for capsules,  a shortened reject path, reduced depth or distance to access weighing station, and reduced horizontal surfaces and area for dust collection and static electricity build-up.

A thinner scale allows for all scales mounted on one side rather than staggered back and front which facilitates easier access for maintenance. Above weights (500 & 2,000 mg) are stored internally in machine and used for automatic daily calibrations.The four direction classification paths are as follows and shown in the diagram above.

  • Path 1 - correct weight
  • Path 2 - under weight
  • Path 3 - over weight
  • Path 4 - unclassified (capsules not weighed due to loss of power)

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