Midwest Precision Products: Seatbelts for Pallets

Reusable, retractable self-contained cargo restraints for material handling offer option to pallet wrapping or banding.

According to Midwest Precision Products, Inc., (MPP) plastics take 100 to 400 years to break down in a landfill. Every year Americans make enough plastic film to shrink-wrap the state of Texas. One-third of all landfill waste originates from some kind of packaging.

In addressing these eco-challenging issues, more companies are looking for ways to "go green" with their packaging products by leveraging eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, or natural alternatives.

Although helping the environment is one benefit of eco-friendly packaging, packing products using fewer and more sustainable materials reap additional rewards including: optimized product warehousing and stacking, a less packaging material-intensive alternative to film bundling, long lasting durability, safety, and labor saving ease-of-use across a wide variety of industries.

In a continuing effort to advance sustainable packaging solutions, MPP has collaborated with thermoforming and structural foam molding company Robinson Industries to create eco-friendly systems that combines “Seatbelts for Pallets” with Robinson’s returnable synthetic pallets.

Robinson’s reusable plastic pallets, industrial storage containers, plastic shipping containers, and custom industrial packaging are primarily made out of polyethylene and polypropylene. The material is lighter in weight, making them easier to handle for worker safety and more cost-effective to transport. Since they are reusable, they offer a longer life cycle making them more cost-effective.

Producing new plastic from recycled material uses only two-thirds of the energy required to manufacture it from raw materials. More than 50% of Robinson’s materials are recycled vs virgin resin on their products, using extruded plastic flat sheets, which are injection-molded, thermoformed, and vacuumed down.

The system is made with a structural foam base and vacuum form lid with totes placed between them. Two trays will make up a layer, and multiple stacks go up based on client need. The MPP retractable belts simply attach and reattach per repeatable loading/unloading operations.

The MPP seatbelt specifications are as follows:

• 59 to-148 in. working length using 1 or 2-in.-wide black polyester seatbelt style webbing.

• Male tongue end attaches to female style buckle.

• Unit is spring-biased to retract at all times. The unit will “take-up” webbing slack at all times.

• All steel components are corrosion resistant with zinc plating or powder coating.

The MPP/Robinson seatbelts and pallets system provide retailers and manufacturers with an edge in meeting demanding economic and environmental production goals.

Key vertical markets or the system include material handling, automotive, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors, with big-box e-commerce retailers seen as future adopters.

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