Solid-dose bottle packaging

Hp 19839 Uhlmann Uhl Ibc120 June 2011

The Modular Integrated Bottle Packaging Center (IBC)-120 packages diverse small- to medium-sized solid-dose product batches at a rate of up to 150 bottles or 24,000 tablets or capsules/min. With no micro-stops, no ramp-up time, and quick changeovers, the IBC-120 processes round, rectangular, and oval bottles 45 to 200 mm H in and 25 to 125 mm dia. Integrated packaging stations are controlled by a central touchscreen user interface. IBC-120 handles all types of caps and is available with up to three capping heads; uses infrared counting system; tablet counter accommodates up to four counting modules.

Uhlmann Packaging Systems, L.P.
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