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Six steps to achieving consistent induction seals in caps

Consumer product packaging managers frequently complain that their sealing process on induction seals in caps is not consistent. That can lead to waste or unhappy customers. Here are some simple steps that may resolve your problems: 1. Air gap: Make sure the air gap, the space between the top of the cap and the bottom of the sealing head, is set as required. 2. Torque: Torque all caps to the required level. Too much torque can be as troublesome as too little torque. 3. Sealing head alignment to conveyor: The sealing head must be parallel to the conveyor. The distance from the top of the conveyor belt to the bottom of the sealing head must be the same from one end to the other. So unless your conveyor is level, don't assume that the sealing head is level. 4. Bottle travel alignment to sealing head: Ensure that the path the containers travel is along the centerline of the sealing head. Only when the containers are guided along the centerline of the conveyor should the centerline of the sealing head run exactly above the centerline of the conveyor. 5. Line speed: Ensure that line speed is set at the required level and does not deviate significantly during a production run. 6. Power level: Set the sealing unit's power at the required level.

All of these measures ensure that the power density introduced into each cap is the same for all caps in a production run. Under these conditions, if one container is sealed, all the containers will be sealed. That's how to achieve consistent sealing. If the various set levels from a successful run are recorded and duplicated for the next product run, you achieve successful runs every time.

--By August Ray

August J. Ray earned a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He's held a variety of positions in technical writing and marketing with Delco Electronics-GMC, Louis Allis, and Enercon Industries. After retiring from Enercon, Ray provided marketing and publicity services to several companies in the U.S. and Canada.
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