In Support of Customers’ Crisis Response, Groninger USA Extends Service to Weekends and Lowers Rates

To support the COVID-19 response, weekend services will help maximize production output and uptime for customers’ production support technicians and prepare for the upcoming catch-up rally.

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Groninger has announced that US and global operations continue without any issues. National and international supply chains are intact and pre-existing business continuity preparedness plans are in full force. Our workforce is safe and protected by a number of strict measures.

"March has thankfully been a productive month! Like our strongest customers, groninger firmly believes in proactivity to avoid negative business effects with the current crisis," the company said in a news release. "In order to support upgrades, preventative maintenance/training, and to assist with the start-up of new activities like sanitizer filling, groninger USA now offers weekend service at reduces rates."

What Changes:

  • Experienced field service technicians/engineers are available to answer calls on weekends.
  • Remote Service, service visit planning, are available on weekends.
  • Parts Support team available to receive requests throughout the weekend and able to expedite orders.
  • Field Service weekend rates are reduced by 50%. A tiered rate structure is introduced.

Customer benefits:

  • Maximize production output and uptime for customers’ production support technicians.
  • Use production downtime to prepare machines for the upcoming catch-up rally.
  • Weekend work option supports social distancing and minimizes weekday disruption.
  • Reduced future maintenance costs: More options to access and use OEM Services.

For more details, contact a groninger USA Service representative.

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