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Swiss-based company unveils new health care offerings for drug packaging and medical devices.

Swiss-based company unveils new health care offerings for drug packaging and medical devices.
Swiss-based company unveils new health care offerings for drug packaging and medical devices.

As a health care provider, Datwyler acts as a vital link between medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and their patients to create a safer and more innovative medical environment for tomorrow.

Datwyler unveiled its new health care offering, which will lead the company and its customers in the health care industry into the future. The Swiss-based company is a supplier of solutions for drug packaging and medical devices including the most advanced elastomer formulations, coatings, aluminum seals and processing technologies.

In today’s competitive health care market, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers rely on partners with a deep understanding of not only the industry’s challenges and requirements, but also its opportunities and promise for growth and development. Thus, Datwyler’s new health care offering leverages both the company‘s expertise and its strong sense for future trends in order to advance global health care.

As for their new offering strategy, Datwyler identified three key opportunities: Patient Safety – Future Health – Global Leadership.

Patient safety: Excellent hygienic standards and a zero-defect policy are essential parts in moving toward the establishment of a patient safety standard that goes beyond fulfilling regulatory requirements. Particle-level management in the area of drug packaging is one of the main concerns of pharmaceutical and medical companies. Datwyler guarantees its customers the lowest available particle level in the market.

Future Health: Datwyler’s goal is to constantly strive to deliver excellence, set new industry standards and shape the development of its markets. The company’s future-oriented innovations aim to improve personal health by advancing new solutions, leveraging new therapies and providing state-of-the-art components for wearable health care devices.

Global Leadership: Datwyler continues to build its global capabilities and presence in key markets around the world. By entering emerging markets, leveraging lean production processes and building upon an optimized supply chain, the company is prepared to master the challenges of the global health care industry while ensuring efficient market access, maintaining a competitive edge and remaining a reliable partner around the globe.

In order to better meet customer needs and expectations and to provide more transparency for its high-quality offerings, Datwyler developed three different offering categories:

  • Bio Careoffers solutions for the most sensitive, large-molecule drugs. Components of this category also provide the lowest available particle levels in the industry.
  • Pharma Careaddresses the needs of small-molecule drugs that require production flexibility and outstanding quality.
  • Med Careoffers medical companies a broad range of materials and technical support.


New facility in Delaware

In addition to the introduction of the new health care offering, Datwyler is channeling more than $100 million into building a new plant in Delaware, which will run in accordance with Datwyler’s most advanced standard: First Line. The First Line production standard is specially designed to manufacture pharmaceutical elastomer components in a fully integrated good manufacturing practice (GMP) environment conforming to the highest industry standards.

The new facility will be used to manufacture high-quality elastomer components for injectable drug delivery systems. Production is scheduled to start in 2018. Once it is fully up and running, the automated plant will provide jobs for around 120 employees. This investment will enable Datwyler to better provide customers in its three key business regions, the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The First Line standard is the result of a manufacturing concept for high-quality elastomer components and is based on ultra-modern cleanroom technology, automated production cells, fully automated camera inspection and a unique validated washing process. This innovative approach to manufacturing exceeds the most stringent quality standards of the European and U.S. regulatory authorities and is certified to ISO 15378.

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