Marchesini: Vial filling machine

Permits fast, easy changeovers, with a dosing range of up to 30 mL.

Marchesini Opto 150
Marchesini Opto 150

Marchesini’s Opto 150 (shown here) is a machine with alternating motion for filling vials. It will be shown at “P-Mec India.” Opto 150 fills vials with a dosing range up to 30 mL. The machine is linear and the closing system is modular with one or two robotic capping units. The machine can handle drop counters, screw-on capsules, press-on caps, and dip tubes. The heads of the robots fit neatly over the opening of the container and consequently favor the laminar flow. Size changeover is easy and rapid, with all size parameters are managed by the PC, making it a straightforward machine for operators to use. A variety of combinations can be installed upstream from the machine with tables and mechanical feeders for flexibility.

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