Novo Nordisk warns customers about stolen insulin

Novo Nordisk product previously reported as stolen in North Carolina has resurfaced recently at a medical center in Houston.

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Three lots of 10-ml vials of insulin, marketed under the brand name Levemir® (insulin detemir [rDNA origin] injection), were taken in the original theft and identifiable by the following lot numbers: XZF0036, XZF0037, XZF0038.

A vial or vials of stolen insulin from lot XZF0037 was discovered in June at a medical center in the Houston area. Insulin from these lots did not circulate through the normal Novo Nordisk distribution channel and therefore proper storage conditions for the insulin may not have been followed.

Patients can locate the lot number on the side of the box of insulin or the side of the vial. If a patient finds their insulin is from one of the stolen lots, they should not use the insulin and contact Novo Nordisk Customer Care Center at 1-800-727-6500 for further information and instructions.

The company reports that the safety of its patients is of paramount concern and that it is working with its partners, the pharmacy, the Food and Drug Administration, and law enforcement authorities to investigate the situation and take immediate steps to maintain the safety and quality of its products.
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