Annual OTC Package Design Gallery: Part 2

Each year, Healthcare Packaging evaluates an array of over-the-counter product packaging designs, assessing the pros and cons from a user perspective.

This is Part 2 of our three-part series. 

Procter & Gamble ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs 

Screen Shot 2021 06 04 At 3 06 36 Pm


  • Flowers and hops make a splash on the carton for an herbal product with bright melatonin-free callout
  • How 2 Recycle symbol leaves no guesswork for blister tray and carton disposal
  • Tablet size and directions are clear on side panel; spot gloss lettering on matte purple band


  • Consumers may wonder about excess carton depth for one blister sheet, but this was likely needed to ensure the carton stands up


RB Health Mucinex FREEFROM Cold & Flu


  • Like others this year, the bottle highlights what is absent, including artificial colors and alcohol
  • Stark beige label breaks from traditional cold imagery and keeps the focus on orange accents such as "Free From" tamper evidence sticker 
  • Back label features two peelable layers to accommodate drug facts—while this required some time in peeling, it prevents the need for a carton or leaflet
  • Embossed black opening instructions stand out on white cap

Screen Shot 2021 06 04 At 3 21 38 Pm


  • One may wonder about peeling two layers of labels to get to the directions, but perhaps this was done to keep the directions on the last (bottle touching) layer for security


Hyland’s Daytime Oral Pain Relief for Baby

Screen Shot 2021 06 04 At 3 20 56 Pm


  • Outer carton features an illustration of the inner bottle, fill line, and tablet size so parents know what to expect
  • Clear copy details product effects, lack of belladonna
  • Beaver, sun and leaf imagery fit the oral product category and theme of “homeopathic,” “gentle” and “natural active ingredients”
  • Disposal: Bottom of carton says Please Recycle
  • CR HDPE bottle features easy-to-read peelable label


  • The average consumer may wonder about the size of the carton for the small bottle, and may miss that the bottle is recyclable as well
  • Peelable label on bottle was beginning to peel off of bottle upon removal from carton

 GSK Consumer Healthcare Robitussin naturals   Screen Shot 2021 06 04 At 3 22 04 Pm


  • Leaf and honey images highlight ingredients
  • Front label copy notes what is absent: artificial colors, favors, alcohol, etc.
  • Suggested use—3 gummies daily—is clear and says not to exceed
  • Link to non-GMO standards website stands out in green


  • Product info, warnings and storage are fairly clear with use of some bold font, but could benefit from other colors or boxes to break up text
  • Consumer may miss the transparent recycling symbol on the bottom of PETE jar

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